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Meet people and projects at the very heart of improving health and care experiences.

At the heart of change

See how teams are using health analytics to tackle healthcare challenges.

Investigations may be quite different, but across each unique use of health data, we make incremental improvements for individuals everywhere.

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Transgender Health Analytics

Explore some analytics that dig into analytics that surface some of this population’s unique health considerations.

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Ozempic and GLP-1 drug utilization

Ozempic is making headlines for trends in off-label uses.  See what the rest of the story should include based upon what the data tells us.

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Rising costs of point solutions

The cost of many point solutions is hitting home.  Dr. Rani Aravamudhan shares insights from 3 projects.

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Using Data to Look Forward

Analytics show how mental health conditions increase costs associated with physical health conditions.  See hidden costs of mental health.

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What else are organizations analyzing?

What’s top of mind for many?

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Learning from each other

HDMS offers more than leading technology. We enable a collaborative community of data-driven problem solvers with access to not only HDMS expertise, but also our industry’s most progressive transformation advocates.

Learn about Analytic Agendas

Useful analytics

Members of the Analytics Practice create an Analytic Agenda for each client. What we measure and how we use insights can be different.  The Analytic Agenda gets everyone focused on what’s most important for your organization.

Be organized, be methodical, be comprehensive.

Prepared for change

Analytics that are built for constant change grow and evolve with you. It starts with the data, and getting quality integrations in place. The HDMS team and Analytics Practice bring it all together for you.

Meet a few team members and hear what makes them tick.

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