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What is an Analytics Agenda?

Hoping to get something done?

Every organization is different. Some are understaffed. Some handle everything in-house, some work with multiple trusted partners. 

HDMS teams work around a collaborative Analytics Agenda. No matter who is a part of analytic work, we see how our work comes together and we progress results fluidly.

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It’s our way of making sure we understand your organization’s goals, culture, available resources and partners to create and use healthcare analytics for the benefit of your business and employee health.  An Analytics Agenda is a documented plan that gives you clarity on how HDMS will make you successful.

We use Analytics Agendas to generate results momentum.  That means not only do the reports and KPI dashboards you implement in phase 1 continue to deliver value, but we use the Analytics Agenda to find new ways and deliver new incremental value over time.

Write it.

Help your organization grow – step by step, constantly moving the ball forward.  An HDMS Analytics Agenda serves as a documented understanding of what your organization is trying to achieve, how healthcare analytics support priorities, and then digs into the tactical and technical aspects of what and how a collaborative team will perform work to deliver value in these spaces.  Analytic efforts often focus across

  • KPI’s
  • Proactive alerts
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Analytic projects – rapid responses
  • Strategic investigations
  • Long term studies

Identifying where time is spent, what analytics are needed, and how data supports these efforts are all part of creating an Analytics Agenda.

Clients find creating this deliverable energizing because through the process we are able to formulate a plan that was otherwise difficult to progress internally.  We guide you through this process so that you can lead within your organization.  As creative problem solvers we are used to overcoming internal obstacles and we bring these strategies and ideas to your experience when you need help.

Work it.

As the path and plan forward solidify, it’s time to get to work!  Our Data Operations team handles the administration and execution of gathering data from your various data vendors.  They carefully define data integration and data quality processes to deliver things like whole health views, total cost of care analysis, and high impact opportunities – based on priorities set in the Analytics Agenda.

We pull in early insights to refine the Analytics Agenda, considering both your analytic results as well as our collective intelligence of other organizations like yours.  For instance, we might accelerate some tasks if we see an opportunity to reveal cost trend drivers that could be positively impacted if deeper analysis were made available sooner.

Executing the Analytics Agenda varies across organizations, since resources and partner collaborations are considerably different.  The HDMS team fills in where needed and supports you on your terms.  You might be almost self-sufficient, or you may want day to day help with general and deep-dive expertise for complex data analysis.  Regardless of the resourcing model, through our technology your internal stakeholders and trusted business advisors will have relevant and progressive data analytics that enable intelligent decision-making.

Accelerate it.

A successful implementation is a given.  Yes of course you’ll see value in phase 1.  The Analytics Agenda reveals its “varsity” status as time moves on and you and your team just keep bringing the answers.  Once the basics are taken care of, you will be able to move in so many directions, and your ability to serve your organization will create an acceleration effect.

The needs of employees and their families will change and so will the health care services they use, the programs offered, and the data produced and available to augment analysis.  Bringing in new data sources and adjusting and adapting at the speed of change is a reality with HDMS.  We work with you to understand your needs, create a plan, and execute at an accelerated pace.  Our team and technology make it easy, and your Analytics Agenda means you know how and when you’ll deliver results – again and again and again.

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What is an Analytics Agenda?