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When you partner with HDMS, you get a seasoned client services team supporting you on a continuous journey of new successes. Explore what it’s like to be an HDMS client.

Ready to embark on an exciting new journey with our health data analytics team?

First Renee creates a plan that works for YOU. Then she prepares you for the unexpected. Today, healthcare companies have dozens of data sources and various vendors—making data integration a potential headache. But Renee works closely with clients to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

A 10-year-vetaran of HDMS, Renee knows that no two healthcare clients are the same, so she starts by listening: What are your needs? What are your strategic goals? How do you like to see your data? She then works with you to get the most out of your analytics.

That can mean jumping on the phone with one of your vendors or revising strategies to adapt to changing business needs. She’s always thinking ahead to ensure that your data paints a complete picture—the picture you need to see. “We’re partners with our clients,” she says. “We work with you to curate connected health insights, so you can give your clients the best information. It’s definitely a partnership.” A partnership that evolves in lockstep with your needs.

A tailored approach Renee

Technology can only take you so far. To truly drive a smart data strategy, you need the right minds.

John works with his clients to ensure that they reach their goals— and set new ones to uncover opportunities they didn’t even know existed.

Every HDMS client gets a customized Analytics Agenda. This plan tracks your data needs and strategic goals. But John doesn’t stop there. He takes hands-on ownership of many workstreams, making sure his clients stay on track and get maximum value from their data tools.

Some clients are very data driven. Others are new to using analytics tools. John is ready to identify your specific needs and create a plan to achieve your goals. “We really work hand in hand with our clients to help them understand what they're seeing, what they're missing, and in some instances, running large-scale report initiatives on their behalf,” says John.

Focused on your goals John

Whether you use analytics to make strategic decisions or to advise clients, your data has to be accurate.

With HDMS, you can have full confidence in your numbers because three experts will personally review the data before it gets to you to ensure its quality.

Senior Consultant Anna DiSora looks for data discrepancies that could compromise results. Since she scrutinizes her clients’ data under a magnifying glass, Anna quickly notices when something seems off. “You can have a sense of comfort knowing that you have these attentive eyes looking at your numbers and drilling into the detailed information,” says Anna. “When something doesn’t make sense, I’ll look into and make that call to reach out to a vendor if need be.”

Anna works closely with Darshana Nakum, a Data Operations lead who puts her master’s degree in applied mathematics to use ensuring data reliability. “Many of these data sources are very complex, and the business needs are constantly changing, so we work quickly to ensure that the data represents a true picture of what’s happening,” says Darshana.

Reliability, ensured Anna and Darshana

You’re sitting on a trove of health data today. But how do you turn this information into insights?

For Dr. Aravamudhan, fondly known as Dr. Rani, solving this puzzle starts with asking smart questions.

In the world of healthcare data Dr. Rani has a unique skill set: She’s both a physician and a data and technology expert. She’s uniquely qualified to help her clients ask the right questions about their data and understand what else may be impacting any trends.

As telemedicine use spiked during the pandemic, Dr. Rani was the first to spot potential inconsistencies in billing. “There are three different ways providers could be billing telehealth, and one of them costs just as much as an in-person visit or sometimes even more,” she says.

While there’s no crystal ball, Dr. Rani has something better—predictive analytics that help her clients plan benefits spending. “I’m looking for those leading health indicators where we can proactively intervene to prevent further health issues for individuals and thus bring value to our client,” she says.

Smart navigation Dr. Rani

When a longtime client wanted to see unique employee historical health patterns, Frank designed a custom solution.

“We also implemented back-end system changes needed for their distinctive needs,” says Frank of this client, a major national retailer. “We provide what is needed to be successful—we’re all one team.”

The challenge of this task was merging eight years of health claims data into one cohesive view. “It’s getting the data accurately connected so you can really understand what’s going on and start to take actions with confidence,” says Frank. That meant going back to historical provider and hospital data and sifting through it to build a seamless picture.

This comprehensive years-long perspective of their employees’ health patterns helps our client plan for the future and manage spending. “They can understand over time how much, for example, cancer care is costing them and better plan for future spending,” says Frank. To bring facts and transparency into the decision-making process, the data has to be credibly analyzed.

Driven to perform Frank

Danielle gets an urgent call from a stressed-out client.

He needs an analysis of mental health prescription usage over the past few years to help make important plan decisions. With thousands of types of mental health drugs available on the market, pulling this info is a complex, time-consuming task.

But Danielle’s team dove right in. “Sure, it was 6 p.m. going into a weekend, but we were intrigued by the request and dug in to see how we could offer some solutions by Monday.”

And they delivered. They shared interim results with the client on time, and after a few tweaks, the final presentation was ready within the week.

Danielle and her team work to understand your needs and make the connections between numbers and people. That makes all the difference. “We’re not just mining data and generating analysis. It’s with the insight that what we’re doing impacts people and their health.” Danielle’s team not only generated the analytics, but they also recommended specific mental health programs based on that analysis. “Clients see us as partners and trusted advisers,” she says.

Flexible, timely service Danielle

One thing is for certain: Change is crucial to your long-term success.

But how can you ride the waves of change with a smart, forward-looking strategy? You need the right information and business context to help drive decisions. Enter Susan, a Senior Director in Customer Experience, your partner in change.

Recently, one of her long-time clients was weighing whether to launch a new value-based drug plan. Top leadership was pushing it. While the program would be costly to the client upfront, could it ultimately drive value? Susan dug into the numbers from multiple angles and found out that, no, it didn’t make sense in this case.

If you’re ready to take a data-driven approach to your growth plans, Susan and our team members are here to help you move forward smartly. “We empower clients with the right data to make good judgements,” says Susan. Like your own personal Yoda.

Evolving and growing Susan
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