Deliver quality care with business efficiencies.

Use analytics to manage a population and adapt to a value-based care business model.

How does HDMS help Providers?

We build and maintain a health data platform for your multi-source analytics.

Move health and value-based care forward by putting data to work.
Business and clinical analysts need trusted data to provide complete and connected health answers.

Treating the whole person

Organizations working with multiple health partners and vendors have access to lots of data yet have difficulty answering basic questions in support of population health and value-based care.


Caring for a population means we have lots of data to use to design more efficient and effective care.

Let's put it all to use.

Imagine instant answers

Answers to questions like:

  • Which members at-risk have underutilized preventative care?
  • How are doing with quality indicators and low value care?
  • How and where can we lower costs?
  • What do patients need most?
  • Is that program really working?

Track quality of care

Surface gaps in care, manage low value vare, actively manage provider performance

Measure impact and value

Quantify program success, compare outcomes, and see connected health impacts

Manage a population

Get alerts and reports on high-risk members or rising risks to prioritize patient engagement

Key elements of your solution include:

Whole-person health data foundation

We integrate multiple sources & feeds and connect data at the person-level. This connects care, costs, and supplemental program or lifestyle data for whole-person health context.

Data enrichment + predictive models

The secret to great analytics is great data. That's why we apply over 40 health data methodologies that classify, enrich, and augment source data for even better analytic insights.

Data management and governance

We model and manage data. Data lifecycle management support ensures data is actively secured, accessed, archived and destroyed based upon health data policies.

Robust analytics + alerts

Rich analytic content give you instant insights. Easy to use design interface lets you modify, extend analytic content or build new content from scratch. Robust executive reports with total performance views are one click away.

What are the business benefits?

And, the patient benefits?

Improved care quality

Improved outcomes

Increased care convenience