Point Solution Value

You’ve worked hard.

You’ve assembled a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.
Now you’re being asked to reduce costs.

What now?

Employers are using health data analytic platforms to assess the value of the many programs and vendors that they work with.

With data-driven insights you’ll have CFO answers and make strategic benefits design decisions.


HDMS solutions go beyond simple enrollment and utilization metrics.  We dig in and quantify health outcomes to crystalize true value delivered.


Let’s measure outcomes.

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Best Practices to Measure Point Solutions

Yes, you will be asked, “What value are we getting from our point solutions?”

Have answers that your executive team will love.

Quantified results.


Read these Best Practices and design analytics that reveal health and business value.

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What does it take to measure outcomes?

Integrate at a member level

Connect program data to individuals

Clinical perspectives

Inject clinicial expertise into analysis

Whole-person health views

Reduced Rx, Improved mental health, Improved co-morbidities