Insights from our Practice

 People. Perspectives. Pointers.

We say, be curious.

Uyi O.

Ask “Why’ 5 times when trying to explain a cause.

Jihee S.

Poke around in Enlight! You’d be surprised what dimensions/measures are available.

Alison B.

Never stop asking questions.

Donnalee L-W.

Always consider multiple perspectives.

Sharing perspectives

What do you think about…

Dr. Rani

Approaching analytics

They’re never just numbers – there are real people behind them, every stat represents a person like you and I. So please stop and think about how the application of our analytics affects the people that generated them in the 1st place.

Jason E.

Designing investigations

Analyze the negative space.  Ask questions about experiences NOT in the data but should be. Who exists in the population but is NOT represented in the data?



Connected health insights

Use Episodic fields! These give a leg up on a lot of other external reporting. The combination of prescription drugs and medical claims into one field leads to a more holistic picture for analysis and the clients.

What analytic measures do you like and why?

PMPM measures

These tell us what the population should and does look like.
– Teena K.


Unique Members

It’s what this is all about.  All the data in the world is meaningless unless we transform it for insights. The ultimate goal is to make every member’s healthcare experience benefit from these analytics.
– Gloria O.


SDoH measures

These offer both analytic value and the opportunity to help people who may need it the most.
– Alison B.

Any Enlight tips for the rest of us?

A tip from Alex

When creating a Dynamic Grouping cohort, don’t forget about the “Enter Values To Link” button on the Manage Groups page.  This will allow you to copy/paste multiple values into Enlight and may make your cohort-building process much faster.
– Alex M.

A tip from Wes

Always validate your results, never take a number at face value. Know how you or the system got that number.  I like to use commentary cells as helpful notes for myself and others to document how or why a report was set up a certain way.
– Wes A.

A tip from Allyson

When I start new reporting projects, I always ask “What story are you looking to tell?” In addition to data visualization design I use the Stories feature in Enlight to organize analytics so they tell a logical, cohesive story.
– Allyson P.

When we’re not digging into data…

Where do we like to go?

  • Local coffee shops and art museums
  • Any place that is home to family or friends
  • Boulder, CO; Paso Robles, CA; Block Island, RI
  • the Schuylkill River Trail
  • Croatia, St. Mary, Jamaica
  • Anywhere new!

What do we do for fun?

  • Coach youth sports and try new workouts
  • Baseball, basketball, going to sporting events
  • Live music, concerts, traveling, and trying new restaurants
  • Read thriller and suspense novels
  • Boat, swim, hikes, watch sunrises and sunsets
  • Solve word puzzles, sing karaoke, watch reality shows

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