Benefits Design

Everyone is looking to you for answers.

How about easy access to data so you have the facts?

How does HDMS help Benefits Consultants?

Be trusted advisors, with answers.

Build out practice areas and expertise. Get a combined view across all benefits, without tedious data integration work.

  • Easy-to-use analytics give your consultants whole health insights, fast
  • Rapidly turn around answers to new client requests
  • Deliver executive reports in one click
  • Design and scale specialized analytics for clients or key offerings


With the numbers work complete, go fuel innovation and strategy!

You bring a data-driven perspective.

With enriched and connected data, you are easily at the cutting edge of emerging issues.

Ozempic & GLP-1 Rx

Show how this trend manifests within a specific population

Fertility and Maternity

Inspect costs and outcomes across family planning, maternity, newborn

Mental Health

Quantify the hidden costs of mental health on physical health

Health Equity

Prioritize inequities and break down barriers

What are the business options?

It’s your solution

Offload the data management work.  Focus on the analytics.

White label, present your brand

Your own Book of Business

Custom benchmarks

Analytics are your special offering.

White labeling lets clients experience YOUR solution.  Inject your brand into the user experience – logos, colors, urls, custom powerpoint and pdf report design templates – clients see you.

It doesn’t stop at brand impressions – everything out-of-the-box in Enlight is available as a starting point.  Where you take it is up to you.  Bring unique analytics right into the homepage, so clients get your value-add right up front.

Build special content.
Design home-page experiences by client or individual.


Compare analytic values for additional context

As a benefits advisor, your  analytic strategy can include a custom book of business data set.  See communities aggregated as well as each individual community.

Serve specific geographies or industries?  Create unique knowledge assets and advise clients based on how their metrics compare to your overall client base.

Identify localized trends and share these insights within your client base.

What's normal look like?

Put analytic results into perspective. Benchmarks help shape the story.

Benchmarks provide context and a point of reference.  HDMS Enlight offers benchmarks out-of-the-box.

Use included benchmarks and even “bring your own benchmarks” data set to include as additional reference points.

Benchmarks are another way to deliver additional advisory value.

How can you differentiate?

You’ve got data-driven answers. Now on to the strategic advice…

Program Evaluation

Quantify the clinical value of a program or point solution. Build dashboards that show outcomes and impact in addition to basic metrics around engagement. Understand what works for who.

Studies and deep dives

Dig deep into an area and provide a comprehensive set of analytics. Design studies that compare outcomes across cohorts, compare to benchmarks, study outliers.

Comprehensive Reviews

Provide value-add reviews for whole health - top to bottom plan and program performance, across all benefits. Drop results into custom presentations, add recommendations. Repeat across clients.

So what are the key benefits?

Cost effective

Scalable analytics infrastructure, adapted to your business, and extendable for your future. It's like having your own IT team, but without the overhead.


Health data is complex but we've got your back to ensure the data details are looked after. You will stand at the leading edge of new possibilities with health data.


You are the experts for your clients. Our team makes your team look good. We take away day-to-day data headaches so you can focus on analytics and innovation.

Helping a client with an RFP?

Here are 3 things we recommend:

  1. Visit our Employer solutions page and read about the Enlight platform.
  2. Explore ready to use analytic content. Get a pre-demo of the design environment.
  3. Be familiar with the “HDMS fit-check” placemat.  Ask us for a copy – we want to make sure you know when we’re a good fit and when we’re not.
Learn more Get the "HDMS Fit-Check" placemat