Smart GLP-1 Analytics

Costs are sky-rocketing.  What’s your move?

Intelligently design & manage GLP-1 policies and costs

Paying for drugs or investing in healthier people?

Interactive connected health data views

Easy to use dashboards bring GLP-1 scripts to life in the context of conditions, utilization, costs, lifestyle choices.

See what 3 organizations are doing with Smart GLP-1 Analytics from HDMS.

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Why analyze GLP-1 data?

GLP-1 costs are skyrocketing. 

You have deeper insights, and see the specific drivers.

What parts of your population are growing the fastest? How do social factors influence utilization and outcomes?

With information at your fingertips, HR teams spend more time piloting new ideas for whole health success, partnering for innovation and prevention, and driving impact.

See how three organizations use these insights to contain costs.


Read 3 Cost Containment strategies

It's a changing landscape for GLP-1's

Stay on top of important details that may influence your policies and benefits.


  • See conditions related to GLP-1 scripts.  See co-morbid conditions, understand volumes.
  • Anticipate evolving trends to project costs.
  • As GLP-1’s are approved for new indications, see the condition prevalence in your population.


  • Measure and compare members engaged in point solution programs.
  • Compare cohorts to quantify differences between engaged and non-engaged members on GLP-1’s.


Then what? Pre-Auths, Step Therapy, Point Solutions


Use insights to refine and evolve benefits, policies, pre-authorizations, and coverage terms.

  1. Pre-Authorizations – Ensure increased visibility with pre-approval processes
  2. Step Therapy – Design a program where lower cost options are offered prior to GLP-1 scripts approval.
  3. Point Solutions – Engage a partner that offers a whole health and lifestyle approach as part of GLP-1 coverage.

Reports and Alerts

Get Alerts and regular reports to stay on top of potential fraud, waste and abuse.

See provider prescribing patterns

  • Monitor for excessive prescribing patterns or other signs of costly fraud and abuse.
  • Receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded or new patterns develop.
  • Drill into details to see conditions and other provider or member health considerations.

Understand side effects impacting total health

  • Quantify services and costs associated with known side effects.
  • Compare cohorts to quantify differences in side effects and other factors that increase risk and costs.

Proactively watch trends on new scripts, new conditions, and significant changes

  • Set up Alerts for situations you want to stay on top of.
  • Alerts generate emails and you can dig further into linked reports if you want to.

Member engagement and relevant communications

Health takes more than medication!  Help people find the right lifestyle and wellness programs you’ve designed for them.

Create processes to securely send member-level information to care management or point solution partners for increased engagement. Communications and outreach can be personalized to contain the most relevant and timely information to successfully engage a member.

As part of ongoing improvement, measure how engagement with other care supports outcomes.

  • Lifestyle and wellness programs
  • PCP utilization
  • Ongoing biometric and lab results


Strategic GLP-1 Dashboards

Rx by condition

See Rx in context of a condition. See Rx by Provider Type and Provider.


Assess member engagement in health and lifestyle benefits.

Outcomes, side effects

Monitor patterns and costs associated with outcomes and managing side effects

Whole health

Explore for associated mental and behavioral health insights

Key features include

Interactive data visualizations

Use Rx and Medical claims to understand who and why, down to member-level details.

AI + Predictive analytics

Surface emerging high-cost claimants and predict future cost segments

Cohort analyses

Compare groups to see associated medical needs and costs. Understand SDoH impacts.


Be notified of first time claimants, new conditions, or emerging trends

More data? More insights.

Bring in additional data for even deeper insights.

Add point solutions and programs

See how Total Rewards benefits and lifestyle choices influence patterns.

Add biometric data

Integrate biometrics for quantified and measured changes over time.

Smart GLP-1 Analytics

See more than script data – look at GLP-1 scripts in the context of the member and their total health needs and choices.

Read more about some specific projects where clients are digging into Smart GLP-1 analytics.

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