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Analysis is the foundation.

Review an analytic framework and methodology for analyzing abortion health care services.


HDMS clients –

Ask your team if you are interested in additional analytics surrounding abortion services. We will make sure you have access to the types of metrics and dashboards that best support your business questions and benefits strategy.

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“Our data shows highest abortion service utilization by women of child-bearing age are on our plan as ‘Employee only’ or ‘Employee with dependents’ (18-19 claimants/1000). Now we have specifics for next steps.”

– HDMS client

Analytic Spotlight: Abortion Services

The  supreme court ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade resulted in HR teams all across the country assessing impact and planning for shifts in member benefits both short and long term.

As legislation continues to evolve at the state level, changes, employers naturally wish to review in depth how it is impacting their workforce and benefits offerings.

Read specifics around the analytics available to provide relevant facts for informed decisions and quantified planning.

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Analytic Spotlight: Abortion Services