SDoH Analytics

SDoH analytics let us better serve communities like Maria’s.

Her employer offers her a plan with on-location healthcare services and same-week virtual visits. Even without a car she can now easily and affordably get non-emergent care for herself and her children. 

Social Determinants of Health – Analytics

How are organizations approaching SDoH in their analytics? What are they doing given the insights and measurements they find?

Here are some specific examples of HDMS client projects.


See how organizations use insights for action and innovation.

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Organizations are using SDoH Analytics to tackle:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion initiatives
  • Removing systemic or community barriers
  • Prioritizing areas of investment
  • Tracking progress in closing equity gaps
  • Designing for people in context

Get SDoH overviews

Look across a number of areas and get an immediate understanding of the basics.

Things like care gaps by Socioeconomic index.

Dig into focused areas

Analytics like mental health needs for disadvantaged segments.

HDMS clients – have your team walk you through available possibilities. There’s so many new options. Where will you take this next?

We’ll help tailor new analytic views to any specific needs you have.

Ready to use

You’ll have answers at your fingertips. There’s plenty of questions to ask.

  • 12 Dashboards
  • 26 SDoH indices and dimensions
  • 95 measures


Use SDoH analytics to identify equity gaps and design solutions that address barriers.


Also see how SDoH analytics help with cost management.


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See it in action

See how easy it is to look at how social determinants influence your population.

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