Understand health and care costs across all your point solution partners.

Measure program performance and ROI. Improve the health of your workforce and reduce healthcare costs.

How does HDMS help employers?

  • Get powerful health analytics, without the data headaches
  • See whole health insights using our connected health foundation
  • Receive clinical and analytic guidance for new projects
  • Get more value from the health data around us everywhere

Join the ranks of strategists using connected health views. Use measured insights to drive better health. We’ll help you.

HDMS brings a hands-on team and specialized technology for strategic, data-driven execution.  Let us make your work easier and more strategic at the same time.

See the big picture

Get at the details

  • How are new programs performing?
  • What is driving cost trends?
  • What are the significant outliers?
  • How do different cohorts compare?
  • Who are my rising risks?

What's in a connected health view?

Complex claims data

Integrated medical, Rx, dental, vision, disability and more

Well-being and special care

Care management, disease management, mental health and well-being programs

Biometrics and wearables

Digital monitoring, health surveys, lab results

Complete the picture

Enrollment and eligibility, provider quality, multiple benchmark data sets

Our analytics are ready for you

Wellness Solution Impact

You've onboarded mental health and well-being solutions. Are they delivering?

SDoH Insights

Take a close look at how social determinants influence costs and utilization for your population.

Strategic Benefits Design

How equitably do benefits fit the diverse needs of your organization? Working on DEI?

Predictions and Planning

Predictive models help you anticipate costs and identify ideal targets for specific actions.


Let's get going

Start with the basics. It's all there.

  • Visualize cost drivers and trends, including pharmacy utilization
  • Identify and address high-cost employees & providers
  • Analyze network leakage & performance
  • Detect risks both prospectively & retrospectively
  • Assess performance against benchmarks

Explore whole health through data visualizations and detailed table views built using Enlight.



It's not just high quality, enhanced and connected data that you'll love.

  • Unique analytic requirements? No problem. Easily assembled.
  • Special interests? Let's configure reports or analytic pathways.
  • Unusual data source? We're on it.
  • Like to be hands-on? Or need technical resources? Sure thing, we work as a team to support your preferred approach.


Measure wellness program performance

This manufacturer enjoys high employee retention. So today's choices really impact the organization's future healh costs. Designing benefits is only part of the challenge. See how they measure engagement and drive results using data. HDMS helps this self-funded employer:

  • Synthesize data across multiple plans in a safe & secure way
  • Analyze biometric, medical & pharmacy data
  • Compare employees to national health benchmarks
  • Measure the impact of programs on health and compare to cohorts
  • Communicate & incent cost-effective health choices
Partnering with HDMS, we successfully communicate and incent cost-effective health choices.
When your employees make positive and less costly health decisions, everybody wins.

Insights drive better employee health engagement

Getting employees to engage in their health is a big part of controlling costs. Discovery what's really working. Measure the influence and dynamics of different programs, incentives, and community resources.

  • Confidently lead your employees to health, happiness & productivity
  • Cost-effectively achieve enterprise goals & objectives