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Rani Aravamudhan

Rani Aravamudhan leads HDMS Clinical Advisory services. She is a general medicine physician who cares for individuals yet connects experiences to population health perspectives using her deep data expertise. Rani perfectly embodies the unique trilogy needed to do more with health data to drive impactful industry change from the ground up. Her work and team guides clients to understand what is possible with data, find answers and insights within projects and analyses, and gather context and scale across the HDMS client base.

Rani is known for her work in clinical transformation, workflow design and development, value-based care, risk management and clinical quality and performance reporting. Her strong background in clinical medicine and experience in the HIT industry make her successful in navigating payer, provider and technology vendor landscapes.
Prior to HDMS, Rani led cross functional teams at Philips Wellcentive as a Services Leader. With a data backbone, she integrated efforts across clinical specialists, program managers, training staff and headed their Data Governance committee. She has also led EMR/EHR implementations, workflow and process optimization consulting at McKesson Corporation, serving as their resident subject matter expert for all CMS quality reporting programs.

Rani earned her medical degree at Grant Medical College in Mumbai University, India.