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On-demand webinar

Right Data, Right Time: A 360-Degree View on Health & Wellness

Today, population health solutions are defined as the health outcomes and indicators of a community. In reality, the full story can only be told if we include social influences, economic situations, physical environments and mental behavioral outcomes.
Gaining a more complete view of a population through a variety of non-traditional data sources will have a significant positive impact on the Triple Aim.
Speaker: Barbara D. Stinnett, Technology & Healthcare Operating Executive, Timmaron Group

You will learn:

The Timmaron Group, using advanced health data analytics powered by HDMS, has developed a successful approach for bridging the gap between an environment of incomplete and disparate data to a transformative action playbook. The result is a 360-degree community view of members, providers and populations that identifies opportunities to improve the quality of care, provider effectiveness and overall lower health care costs.

Attendees learn how the vision of a 360-degree community view can be developed and implemented based on lessons from real-life examples and use-cases including both financial and health outcome results.


Right Data, Right Time: A 360-Degree View on Health & Wellness