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Predictive Models – Using data to look ahead

An amazing and powerful use of data.

We have so many new reasons to use these advanced approaches to offset rising costs of care and challenging health conditions: deferred care, the increased need for mental health care, and virtual care adoption are disrupting historical patterns.

  • How do predictive models work?
  • Where is it best to consider using predictive analytics?
  • What should you be doing with the results?

On-demand webinar

Learn how predictive analytics should fit into an overall analytic strategy. Invest in capabilities that allow you to act upon results, instead of sitting in reports in your inbox. Predictive analytics, when put to purpose, can be an instrumental part of a broader strategy to drive down costs and improve health.

Make sure you have the big picture so you get the most from these investments.

Originally presented as part of an AHIP webinar series.


We share:

  • A framework to use to help discern where and how predictive capabilities are highly useful
  • Insights into how you can couple predictive capabilities and leading indicators
  • Approaches other health insurance providers are taking to act upon what their data is telling them


Rani Aravamudhan, MBBS

Head of Clinical Advisory Services

Rani Aravamudhan is a more than a physician, specializing in General Medicine.  She has extensive experience in the EMR/EHR and population-health industries with a focus on clinical transformation, workflow design and development, value-based care, risk management and clinical quality and performance reporting. Her strong background in clinical medicine and experience in the HIT industry make her successful in navigating payer, provider, and technology vendor landscapes.

Keith Wilton

Head of Product Management

Keith Wilton is the Vice President of Product Management, with more than 15 years’ experience in Product Management and an emphasis on creating and deploying complex software applications. Keith joined HDMS in March 2016 after serving as Vice President of Product Management at a leading player in the Alternative Investment space. Prior, Keith ran product management for an arm of Morgan Stanley, and for other organizations.


Predictive Analytics: Drive Affordability and Better Health