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Numbers talk.

They are a powerful language in business.

These numbers let us think differently and specifically – design strategies and plans that improve health engagement and drive down costs.

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With digital transformation improving health experiences, we now have even more Big Data in healthcare to use for deeper insights in population health.

When it comes to health analytics and DEI efforts, what data do you need? How do you get it? How can you get started? What happens next?

We’re so glad you asked – hear from our experts.


Originally presented as part of an AHIP webinar series.


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Learn about ways you can actively measure

  • Health outcomes
  • Costs
  • Utilization

through the lens of diversity equity, and inclusion.


Most importantly, …then what?


Dr. Rani Aravamudhan

Head of Clinical Advisory Services

Rani Aravamudhan is a more than a physician, specializing in General Medicine.  She has extensive experience in the EMR/EHR and population-health industries with a focus on clinical transformation, workflow design and development, value-based care, risk management and clinical quality and performance reporting. Her strong background in clinical medicine and experience in the HIT industry make her successful in navigating payer, provider, and technology vendor landscapes.

Jason Elliott

Vice President of Employer Customer Experiences

Jason Elliott is Vice President of Customer Experience for Employer clients at HDMS.  A true public health enthusiast with a Masters in Epidemiology, he spent over a decade delivering dedicated clinical analytics and leadership at BCBS.  Since then, Jason has managed the managed the Employer practice area.  He brings very structured thinking into the types of problems his clients are trying to solve, and what can be done with the insights discovered.

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