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Testimonial: Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church


HDMS has been extremely important in our data journey because they’ve taken the time to really understand who we are because we are rather unique and they haven’t just sent us out into the wilderness with the tool and said have fun. They understand who we are, where we’re trying to go, and what we’re trying to do, and as a result have been able to provide really effective support to us as we’ve used the tool to advance ourselves.

If would describe HDMS I think I would describe them as flexible. Both the tool itself and the individuals that support it. It’s very deep, it’s a very capable product and it can take you from very high level information down to some really specific and technical levels of data and information and supportive. And supportive is less about the tool and it’s more about the people that come with the tool but it’s equally important and really adds to the overall value.