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Testimonial: American Health Holdings

Hear what Alan Braybrooks, from American Health Holdings has to share about his experience as an HDMS client.


With the HDMS toolset things get rolled up and aggregated and grouped into things that make sense semantically so you can look at a high cost diabetic that may have had multiple ER visits within the last three months, or a certain time period, and you can do that within just a couple of clicks. Without the toolset, that would take months to do.

So HDMS does a very nice job of adapting to different domains of data, biometric data, lab data, pharmacy data, health risk assessment data and other things that we’ll be investing with HDMS in our partnership to provide that really rich foundation for reporting.

One of the things that we can leverage HDMS for is to produce a very rich set of reports that becomes a differentiator for American Health Holding. It’s very nice for us to be able to go in and demonstrate risk reduction and trends with just a few clicks of the reporting interface to produce a nice report that we can then take into a meeting with a broker who’s maybe considering renewing or changing the TPA for that particular plan sponsor. We can then demonstrate and work with our TPA partners by showing a rich set of reports with a very, very detailed information on trends that show positive cost containment or impacting their employees. Broker becomes happy. The plan sponsor clearly sees the value, and without our partnership with HDMS, those types of reports wouldn’t be available to us.


Testimonial: American Health Holdings