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Let data guide a safe return to work.

A COVID-19 testing solution with built-in population health analytics.

CVS Return Ready

Get started with CVS Health® Return Ready™ Reporting Tool, powered by Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS).

Analytics keep the workplace healthy.

CVS Return Ready provides a comprehensive, flexible COVID-19 testing solution topped with analytics to support a data-driven return-to-work strategy and ongoing business continuity assessments.

HDMS, a part of the CVS Health family of companies, has more than twenty years of experience delivering health analytics.

We have so much health data, why not put it to use for data-driven decisions?


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Training Resources

Start tracking your population’s test results today and watch trends over time.  Log in and check out the analytic dashboards available as part of CVS Return Ready.

Use these resources to get started, then go be awesome!

essential workers

CVS Return Ready - Training video series part 1

Analytics training, part 1, ~20 minutes

CVS Return Ready - Training video series part 2

Analytics training, part 2, ~20 minutes

Take a few minutes to learn about the analytics available to you. Watch the videos for an intro on key analytics and cool features. Dig into your population health data.


Additional Training Resources

Quickstart Guide

Training Guide


Prefer to skim through on-demand training slides instead? Here you go…

Return Ready Training Document – Part 1
Return Ready Training Document – Part 2


CVS Return Ready™ Analytics