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SDoH Insights and Analytics – Delayed Care

Hear Insights shared by HDMS and esteemed partner Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) in this On-demand webinar: SDoH Insights and Analytics – Delayed Care in 2023.

This was originally presented as part of an AHIP webinar series.

What trends do we see in delayed and deferred care since the pandemic?

Let’s dig even deeper… how do social factors influence care utilization and what will that mean for costs in 2023?

What can we do about it?

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Hidden Costs of Mental Health

On-demand webinar: Measuring Mental Health Costs: Insights That Will Blow Your Mind! – originally presented as part of an AHIP webinar series.

HDMS experts share a number of hot new analytic approaches that reveal additional costs of mental health.  Take a deeper look into mental health and also investigate how social determinants of health relate to care needs and costs. 

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Integrated Mental Health Strategies: A Right-Sized Approach

Published in HealthPayerIntelligence
Authored by Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, HDMS

Member programs encouraging mental health Data Analytics for Mental Healthand wellness have increased in popularity lately among health plans and sponsors. There is a growing consensus that a happy, healthy workforce can lead to better business results. Consequently, promoting mental health strategies is considered a “win-win” proposition.

The question is, how do we quantify the wins?

Read how.


Mind Over Matter: Developing Cost-Effective Mental Health Strategies for 2021

New data analytics from HDMS uncovered some startling statistics about the impact of mental health conditions on the total cost of care.  In the current environment, stress and anxiety are driving increased demand for mental and behavioral health services.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so using data to understand your population is crucial – especially as we look toward 2021. In this presentation, you will hear fresh data-driven approaches adopted by health insurance providers that will continue to create new industry standards in our changed world – from current telehealth engagement and utilization for mental and behavioral health conditions/substance abuse to reimbursement practices.

How do you support a member trying to manage their diabetes, obesity, and hypertension with the added anxiety of COVID-19?

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Calculate total cost of care for members with mental and behavioral health conditions
  • Observe how mental health influences cost and utilization of medical conditions
  • View the cost impact of billing patterns among HCPs
  • Innovate access to care through telehealth and other cost-effective services
  • Design a custom strategy to create opportunities for better mental health


Useful Documents

Infographic: Diseases of Despair

Case Study

Improving Employee Mental Health Solutions through the Power of Data Analytics

Read how a national retail employer partnered with HDMS to better understand the mental health needs of their population and how it impacted their productivity.

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