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Five essential strategies for healthy essential employees

This year, you’ve adjusted the physical working environments in your offices, manufacturing plants, and retail floors. You’ve adopted the state, local, and CDC guidance with your own new policies for COVID-19. You’re even offering free flu shots on-site for your employees.

Wondering what else you can do to support your essential workers? By analyzing a few key metrics, you can make decisions that support employee health and productivity—now, and into the future.

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Put analytics to work: Key metrics for healthy essential employees

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You’re doing all the right things – adhering to government and CDC safety measures, adopting state and local guidance into your operational policies and you’ve offered flu shots. What else should you be doing to keep your essential workers and their families healthy this winter and in 2021?

You are probably a bit overwhelmed, trying to ensure the safety of your employees and their contribution to smooth, reliable business operations, as winter approaches. With the convergence of COVID and flu season bringing new challenges, using your data in new and insightful ways becomes essential too. You can navigate the impact of emerging trends in virtual care, mental health, parental leaves and COVID-19 testing results. HDMS would like to give you some ideas about using analytics to quiet the chaos and make the best decisions for the care and costs of your most essential asset – your employees.

Join this webinar to connect 5 health care and benefits trends to analytic strategies that will best serve the health needs of your essential workforce this winter and beyond. HDMS, experts in health data, will share:

  • Key health trends to watch
  • Select metrics to monitor
  • Insights that connect metrics to emerging trends within your population
  • Leading indicators to monitor for 2022 decisions

Leave with an understanding of how to create a streamlined strategy which uses analytics to monitor essential employee health and prepares you for 2022 decisions. Take away new ideas for metrics and leading indicators you can monitor to anticipate 2022 needs and budget more confidently!


CVS Return Ready™ Analytics


A COVID-19 testing solution with built-in population health analytics.

Let data guide a safe return to work.

CVS Return Ready

Get started with CVS Health® Return Ready™ Reporting Tool, powered by Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS).

CVS Return Ready provides a comprehensive, flexible COVID-19 testing solution topped with analytics to support a data-driven return-to-work strategy and ongoing business continuity assessments.

HDMS, a part of the CVS Health family of companies, has more than twenty years of experience delivering health analytics.

We have so much health data, why not put it to use for data-driven decisions?

essential workers

Login to view your CVS Return Ready™ dashboards here.

Training Resources

Start tracking your population’s test results today and watch trends over time.  Log in and check out the analytic dashboards available as part of CVS Return Ready.

Here are some additional resources – go be awesome!  

Take a few minutes to learn about the analytics available to you. Watch these videos for an intro on key analytics and cool features. Dig into your population health data.

Analytics training, part 1, ~20 minutes
Analytics training, part 2, ~20 minutes
Additional Training Resources

Quickstart Guide

Training Guide

Prefer to skim through on-demand training slides instead? Here you go…

Return Ready Training Document – Part 1
Return Ready Training Document – Part 2


Mind Over Matter: Developing Cost-Effective Mental Health Strategies for 2021

New data analytics from HDMS uncovered some startling statistics about the impact of mental health conditions on the total cost of care.  In the current environment, stress and anxiety are driving increased demand for mental and behavioral health services.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so using data to understand your population is crucial – especially as we look toward 2021. In this presentation, you will hear fresh data-driven approaches adopted by health insurance providers that will continue to create new industry standards in our changed world – from current telehealth engagement and utilization for mental and behavioral health conditions/substance abuse to reimbursement practices.

How do you support a member trying to manage their diabetes, obesity, and hypertension with the added anxiety of COVID-19?

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Calculate total cost of care for members with mental and behavioral health conditions
  • Observe how mental health influences cost and utilization of medical conditions
  • View the cost impact of billing patterns among HCPs
  • Innovate access to care through telehealth and other cost-effective services
  • Design a custom strategy to create opportunities for better mental health



Getting Back to Work: Three Must-Do Strategies to Mitigate COVID-19 Risk

Speaker: Robert Corrigan, Director of Advisory Services, Health Data & Management Solutions, Inc. (HDMS)



Trending Now: Using analytics to manage the dynamic COVID-19 situation

Speaker: Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, Health Data & Management Solutions, Inc. (HDMS)



An Analytics Agenda for COVID-19: Quantifying Deferred Care

Speakers: Rebecca Chien, Leader, Business Transformation Office, HDMS | Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, HDMS



A COVID-19 Cost Model – Tips and a Template

Speakers: Rebecca Chien, Leader, Business Transformation Office, HDMS | Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, HDMS

Download the Excel version of the cost-modeling template here.

HDMS Clients, please reach out to your Customer Experience team member for a more detailed Client version.


An Analytics Agenda for COVID-19

Speakers: Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, HDMS and Robert Corrigan, Senior Director of Advisory Services, HDMS

Useful Documents

Countering COVID-19: Using phased data analytics to shape benefits plans

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