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Health is everything. We care about health outcomes first and foremost. Yet as businesses we also need to care about costs, so we can ultimately serve more people, better. That’s where we can help you.


Health Data and Management Solutions is the only data solution with both point solution assessment and SDoH capabilities.

Point Solutions

Point solutions have enhanced health benefits programs and filled in gaps in the health care system.

Using cohorts, compare costs and indicators of continued health engagement behaviors for members who use the point solution as compared to those with the same conditions who do not, but do utilize some care services.

Predictive Models

Predictive models, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, are able to incorporate hundreds of variables and innumerable patterns.

They represent the knowledge of thousands of doctors with infinite amounts of coffee tracking detailed history across the entire country.


Show how social determinants are measurably manifesting health inequities in the population your organization cares about.

Start by evolving traditional population health analytics and metrics. Investigate familiar reporting metrics by SDoH indices like socioeconomic index, food availability index, transportation index.

See how organizations use insights for action and innovation.

How are organizations approaching SDoH in their analytics? What are they doing given the insights and measurements they find?

Here are some specific examples of HDMS client projects.

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