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Meet Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS) – a premeier Segal partner

Together we deliver cutting edge analytics to select Segal clients.

Deep insights, fast.

We do more with health data

HDMS is Segal’s health data partner.

When we engage a client for HDMS analytics, we have deep analytic insights quickly available and can offer them higher value services.

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Predictive Models

Social Determinants of Health

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Cutting Edge Analytics

Transgender Analytics

Abortion Care Services

GLP-1 Drugs like Ozempic

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Meet HDMS – Segal’s Health Data Partner

Enlight Executive

Check out Enlight Executive – powerful analytics with simple to use data discovery features.


Spend more time with your clients, because the analytic insights were so easy to get.

Enlight Executive

Do more with data.

HDMS takes care of the data management, ensures high data quality, and reveals health insights. That means account teams spend more time developing impactful strategies and helping clients make data-driven decisions.


Enlight Executive