Health data experts. Trusted leaders. Unexpected friends.

HDMS is a CVS Health company.

We bring the same value and drive that fuels all of CVS Health – helping people on their path to better health.

How do we find a path to better health?

Simplify and unleash health data.

Groundbreaking healthcare transformation is led by those who leverage data.

We make that easy for you with flexible software and enriched health data.

Smart, supportive teams.

We believe personal connection makes a difference in healthcare, and in business.

We surround our technology with a service model and the kind of people that make work successful and enjoyable.

What drives us?


Our business intelligence platform is purpose built for health data.

It's smart, adaptable and extensible.


Our teams and what we deliver is genuine and accurate.

These analytics aren't numbers, they are people.

We're better together

  • This is us, in the mosaic to the left. We're smart, creative, and motivated. And together, we do even greater things.
  • For more than 20 years we’ve worked for the nation’s largest companies and healthcare organizations.
  • Our hands-on service and high quality health data lets HDMS clients actively evolve and innovate healthcare.
  • Our strategic guidance, gathered over decades of experience, is fueled by the collective wisdom of clients across the care continuum.
  • We give you high quality connected health data. Control costs, evolve healthcare, and improve the health of populations, by understanding individual people and their connected health and wellness.

Our people

  • We are guides. We listen and advise, using decades of healthcare data analytics experience to provide hands-on support.
  • We build teams. The same HDMS experts work with you from implementation through ongoing successes.
  • We evolve. We use what we know to solve your unique problems in impactful ways.
  • We are adventurous. We thrive on helping employers, health plans, providers and brokers reach their loftiest business goals.

Our Business Leadership

Our Customer Solutions Leadership