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Ozempic Rx trends - how is this affecting us?

Ozempic has made headlines recently, for trending off-label uses.

HDMS Analytics Practice digs into a data set using new analytic content. See emerging trend insights that surprised our team.

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The Analytics Practice folded initial learnings into analytic content findings.
Very interestingly, Ozempic is not the only GLP-1 drug to watch!  The Therapeutic Group as a whole is seeing big shifts.


HDMS Clients, skip the general trends.  Work with your account teams to investigate analytics specific to your population.

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Ozempic: Off-label drug use

Predict, then act!

Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Companies are using predictive analytics to get the right people to the care they need. Think about it – predictions aren’t truely valueable unless we act upon them to either avoid a negative prediction, or accelerate a positive prediction.

Read these 3 use case examples to help inspire new ideas about how your organization can be using predictive analytics.

What are some use cases and ideas for intervention strategies?

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Use Predictive Analytics to look ahead

What could you do differently to help members find a path to better health?

Want help finding risks?

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Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Employees for life?


We’re lifetime partners, aren’t we?

Leadership drives health with dashboards.

What does long-term mean to your member health?

Do employees stay with you for years?

Read how this company lowers costs and improves health across a lifetime.

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Employees for life? Leadership drives health with dashboards.

Measuring Point Solutions

HDMS analyzes the effectiveness of third-party diabetic management solutions.

How can you tell if a point solution is delivering on it’s value promise?  Is it reaching and helping the parts of your population that need it most?


Read how HDMS helped a client determine whether they should renew their contract with their Diabetes Management point solution.

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Case Study

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Third-Party Diabetic Management Solutions