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SDoH Analytics and Cost Management

Unhealthy populations increase costs now and in the future.  Breaking down barriers to underutilization of preventative care services and regular PCP visits is a fundamental tool for cost management.

Digging into social determinants of health reveals new insights into which parts of your population may be underutilizing care more significantly than others.  This helps identify and then break down barriers. Prioritize where you focus innovation.

Here are some interesting insights recently shared at an innovation conference and luncheon roundtable.

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How do SDoH Analytics help Cost Management?

What should health benefits look like now?

Health care is changing quickly.

Read about the top 5 trends in health care and the analytics you can use to navigate plan design with confidence.

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These are the trends

SDoH Impacts

Quantify them

Point Solutions

Measure ROI

Total Well-being

Understand connections


Connecting it all


Reverse delayed care habits

Which analytics help us make informed decisions?

Read on for analytics you can use to navigate the sea of benefits design options.

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Read about key trends and what this means for employers.

Connecting trends to benefits strategies
Trending now

Top 5 Health Care Trends

On-demand webinar

An Analytics Agenda for COVID-19: Quantifying Deferred Care


  • Rebecca Chien, Leader, Business Transformation Office, HDMS
  • Dr. Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, HDMS
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An Analytics Agenda for COVID-19: Quantifying Deferred Care