Deliver a higher level of service, with less work

Your clients and their employees depend on you for intelligent advice and guidance.  To deliver on this, you need answers at your fingertips – answers you trust.  Have total confidence in data as you look across data sources to understand opportunity and impact from a total wellness perspective.

Our connected health data platform makes it easy to access and analyze each client’s population, and your client-base as a whole.  We work in the background, ensuring all operational and administrative needs are met.  You confidently explore for client insights, with a seasoned delivery team at your back. Your advice lets clients control costs and improve the health of their populations.  Everybody wins.

Data integrity and implementation flexibility: two critical elements for those who serve a diverse set of client needs.  We take care of the data and you focus on delivering a differentiating, data-driven experience to clients.

Get unparalleled client power using a data platform and analytics that is:

  • Integrated. Use data from a wide variety of disparate sources, including claims (medical and pharmacy) and non-claims (including wellness programs, eligibility, biometrics and labs).
  • User-friendly. Navigate intuitively.  It’s easy to get the data you need.  Take a peak!
  • Flexible. Use out-of-the-box views, or easily assemble your own unique analytic dashboards.
  • Secure. Third party security monitoring consistently scores HDMS solutions with the highest possible industry ratings for privacy and security.

With HDMS, you spend your time IN the data, and our job is to make sure it’s ready and trustworthy for you.

"We have almost instantaneous access to claims data, and we can run any query at any time to prove out any theories that we might have."

– Bob Panure,

Partner at Timmaron Group

HDMS helps you guide your clients:

  • Visualize cost drivers & trends, including pharmacy utilization
  • Identify & address high-cost employees & providers
  • Analyze network leakage & performance
  • Detect risks both prospectively & retrospectively
  • Benchmark performance