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Carol Telford

Meet Carol, our Head of Operations.

Carol Telford is Head of Data Operations and Application Support for HDMS. Her teams operate and support data ingestion and infrastructure, processing, monitoring as well as custom applications for all HDMS clients. Carol’s brings strong leadership and over 25 years of expertise with high performance, large operational analytic environments, including running Aetna’s Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Carol leads specialty teams who operate all data processing in support of any client solution.  Her passion to optimally organize, analyze, and leverage data to unlock business value is unquestionably clear from her team’s strengths across ingest, transformation, enrichment, to analytic output.  Ongoing performance optimization, governance and archiving services as well as quality management are additional areas where Carol and her teams add value to ensure HDMS clients are fully satisfied and can depend on a full set of services from a single trusted partner.  In addition, Carol leads the Help Desk Support team, staffed with specialists responsible for software or data inqueries, and addressing system and user issues in a timely and professional manner.

Serious stability and reliability is not only delivered into the technology systems Carol and her team support – with her wise and calm execution, this amazing set of employees rivals the client experience teams in terms of very high employee retention and satisfaction with their work.

Carol received her BA in Management Information Systems from Central Connecticut State University.